More Paper Water in San Diego

Paper water continues to be a major problem in California. Development projects are approved even with clear evidence of a lack of water to support the project.

C-WIN Executive Director Carolee Krieger was asked to comment on the recent Newland Sierra Project in the Vallecitos Water District:

"The information presented in the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Newland Sierra Project, including the Vallecitos Water District’s Water Supply Assessment and its Urban Water Management Plan, demonstrates that the District lacks adequate water for the project. Further, the relatively cavalier attitude taken by the District and others similarly demonstrates the lack of understanding regarding the dangers of “paper water” and, unfortunately, dismisses the importance of long-term water supply planning. This cavalier attitude with which many districts—including the Vallecitos District—approaches long-term planning is an important reason why, during times of water scarcity, communities often find themselves to be dangerously short of water when they most need it."

See the full statement here.