Board President & Executive Director

Carolee Krieger


Carolee Krieger, President and Executive Director, founded C-WIN in 2001 to help protect our state’s magnificent natural resources for future generations - including her 8 grandchildren. She helped lead the campaign to prevent delivery of State Water Project water to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. On behalf of the Citizens Planning Association (CPA) Carolee also led the fight against the Monterey Amendments.

Carolee leads C-WIN’s efforts to design and implement collaborative solutions for water. For decades, Carolee has worked tirelessly to transform California water practices through litigation, education and public policy. She is spearheading the effort to generate the needed funds to work with the environmental economics firm ECONorthwest on an environmental and economic assessment of the entire California Delta watershed. ECONorthwest is best known for success in the Exxon Valdez and BP Gulf cases.

First District Supervisor Naomi Schwartz named Carolee Woman of the Year in 1997. She has been featured in articles in Mother Jones, Bloomberg and an Emmy-nominated PBS broadcast about the impact of almonds on water supply. In 2015, Carolee was celebrated as a Santa Barbara Impact Maker.