Advocating for the sustainable and equitable use of California’s fresh water resources. 


California’s water future is everyones future.


A Message from C-WIN Co-founder Yvon Chouinard

The owner of clothing company Patagonia on the immediate threats to the California Delta and what we're doing to ensure better water policy for all Californians.


The Public Trust Doctrine

As part of the U.S. and California Constitutions, the Public Trust Doctrine mandates protection of natural resources for all people, and is a key element of C-WIN's strategy to stop the Twin Tunnels project.

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The Santa Barbara Report

Authored by C-WIN, this groundbreaking report demonstrates unequivocally that Governor Brown's proposed Twin Tunnels project has the potential to bankrupt the cities reliant on water from the California Delta watershed.

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California Water Governance for the 21st Century

Stanford Law School's analysis of California's dysfunctional water management practices and recommendations for alternative water strategies.

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A Citizens Guide to Water Issues in California

Driven by big dreams and bigger ambitions, water policy in California is legendary for it's complexity and drama.

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