Lawsuit over Paso Robles vineyard wells reveal growing water fight

By Lynn Alley, Wine Spectator
A lawsuit in California's Paso Robles wine region could impact how vintners in an increasingly thirsty region get their water. The suit raises questions about permits that allow tapping of deep underground aquifers—tapping that geologists and environmentalists argue is causing California farmland to literally sink. In a state plagued by years of drought, one environmental group argues that state and county officials are not looking closely enough at these permits and that the long-term impact could hurt both residents and vintners.  In July, California Water Impact Network (CWIN), a Santa Barbara–based nonprofit, filed the suit against San Luis Obispo County, claiming that the local government had issued permits for drilling agricultural wells without the environmental review required by state law. “The county is currently rubber stamping well permits without any review of the consequences for the water supply in the region,” said CWIN executive director Carolee Krieger. … ”  Read more from the Wine Spectator here:  Lawsuit over Paso Robles vineyard wells reveal growing water fight