C-WIN's Petition: Stop the Twin Tunnels. Save California!

Stop the Twin Tunnels. Save California Sign our petition.

Currently, the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, (or California Delta) is facing a massive environmental and economic threat from excessive water transfers from the proposed Twin Tunnels conveyance project promoted by Governor Jerry Brown.

His Twin Tunnels project, a recurring proposal once called the Peripheral Canal (Proposition 9), which Californians voted against in June 1982, would consist of two tunnels, each 40 feet in diameter (big enough to fly a small plane through) and 35 miles long, buried 150 feet beneath the heart of the California Delta. The Twin Tunnels would be ruinously expensive to ratepayers, profoundly destructive to Delta ecosystems and provide no new water.

Proposals for new dams, reservoirs and massive conveyance systems are senseless until we know the true economic and environmental costs of such projects and have honestly quantified our available water. Giving into corporate agriculture will not add one single extra drop of water to our supplies. We must learn to live with what we have.

Our water supplies are limited in the best of times, and drought and climate change are only exacerbating the crisis. Building these tunnels will provide a way for corporate agriculture to have more water while the ratepayers and the ecosystem are raped.

Please sign this petition to Stop the Twin Tunnels.