Water district leader's Delta stance troubling

Article by Carolee Krieger



It is unfortunate that Beau Goldie, the CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, is facing ouster. The reasons seem manifold, but his position on one issue in particular is deeply flawed: Gov. Jerry Brown's twin tunnels. Goldie's support of this scheme is deeply mystifying. It will saddle California's ratepayers with at least $17 billion in debt, threaten the livelihood of hundreds of family farmers in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and threaten the ecological integrity of the Delta-bay estuary. Worse, it will not add a single drop of new water to the state's scant supplies: It is, in the end, a mere conveyance system. California's developed water already is oversubscribed by a factor of 5.5. We don't need ruinously expensive and environmentally disastrous boondoggles as a response to the drought. It is heartening that the district's board members -- if not the CEO -- understand this.

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