Post Carbon Radio: Airing the Issues on California's Water Future - The Delta Tunnels - Part II

President of C-WIN, Carolee Krieger, along with the President of the Save Our Streams Council, Lloyd Carter,  are featured in a podcast by Post Carbon Radio. The podcast can be listened to here and a description of the podcast from Post Carbon Radio's website can be read below."Guests on Part II were Lloyd Carter, who has been writing about California water issues for more than 35 years, will be our guest. Carter, a former UPI and Fresno Bee reporter, is President of the California Save Our Streams Council. We were also joined by Carolee Krieger, President and Executive Director of the California Water Impact Network, an NGO that advocates for equitable and environmentally sensitive use of California's water. The program will delve more deeply into California water politics, the historical context, and financial aspects of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan."