C-WIN in the News and Reactions to the Economic Analysis Report of the BDCP

A study released by the state on Monday makes the argument that the benefits of the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan outweigh the costs. The report was prepared by University of California at Berkeley professor David Sunding and a consulting group, the Brattle Group. C-WIN has released its own response to this report; in which C-WIN contends that the report is inadequate, deceptive, and contradicts statements made by the Brown Administration. C-WIN's stance on the report has been picked up by a number of news sources. Maven's Notebook, an environmental policy blog, mentions C-WIN's position among many other perspectives on the report. In the Los Angeles Times' article, State says delta tunnel benefits exceed costs by billions, C-WIN's criticism of the report is presented in the company of dissaproval and praise of the report. C-WIN's Tom Stokely has been quoted in an article by the Washington Post, which can be read here.

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