The Link Between California's Water and Fracking

The following are articles that detail what fracking is and the potential risks fracking poses for California's water: Tom Elias of the Redding Record has an article on how the water transfered to farms via the twin tunnels (also known as the peripheral tunnels or canals) could legally be sold by the farms and used for fracking. The article can be read here.

High Country News has a story suggesting that the EPA is ignoring legitimate questions about the effect of tracking on the environment. The article can be read here.

Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, is disappointed that the EPA seems "disinterested" and he suggest that more independent, objective research is needed on the effects of fracking. Read his opions on fracking here.

The San Francisco Examiner has an article on studies in California that link fracking with the deaths of livestock and family pets. The article can be read here.