C-WIN in the News on Peripheral Tunnels

C-WIN has been in the news a lot lately regarding the Peripheral Tunnels Project.  Below are several articles of interest regarding C-WIN’s efforts to oppose the Peripheral Tunnels Project.  You can also read a 1980 article on the Peripheral Canal from New West Magazine on “How the Big Oil Companies are Grabbing California’s Water… and other tales of power and deception along the Aqueduct” here.  While many of the players and landowners have changed, it seems like some things never change like cost overruns and special deals for a privileged few that really don't make economic or environmental sense.  

C-WIN’s Press release for its report “Why We Cannot Afford the Peripheral Canal- The Santa Barbara Story” can be found at http://www.c-win.org/content/c-win-press-release-report-documents-huge-cost-overruns-santa-barbara’s-state-water.html

The C-WIN recently released report and C-WIN's Carolee Kreiger make news in the Santa Barbara Independent- http://www.independent.com/news/2012/aug/02/governors-state-water-proposal-draws-local-critici/
Huffington Post: Glen Martin – The Madness of King Jerry (Glen talks about C-WIN’s Santa Barbara water report) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/glen-martin/the-madness-of-king-jerry_b_1797652.html

Badlands Journal doesn't mince words with its view of the Peripheral Tunnels proposal and gives C-WIN a plug- http://www.badlandsjournal.com/2012-08-21/007837

Trinity Journal quotes C-WIN’s Tom Stokely and others as saying the Peripheral Tunnels are a bad idea generally and specifically for the Trinity River  http://www.trinityjournal.com/news/environment/article_6b398844-db84-11e1-86e7-0019bb30f31a.html


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