C-WIN Info-session with CA Natural Resources Agency

On April 11, 2019 representatives from C-WIN and our partner AquAlliance met with California Natural Resources Agency Undersecretary Tom Gibson to discuss water issues. We introduced our “Roadmap to California Water Sustainability” and presented information on water transfer issues.

Solutions to Equitable Water Management

The Roadmap to Success

Drought or not, there’s enough water to meet the needs of all Californians and the environment if it’s managed equitably. Mismanagement of public water is undermining the economic stability and well-being of California’s communities and environment.

Step 1. Quantify how much water is available for export from the Delta.

The State Water Resources Control Board has never quantified the amount of water available for export from the Delta watershed. California planning is based on “paper water.”

Step 2. Initiate a Public Trust Analysis.

As the steward of California’s Public Trust resources, the State is obligated to perform this analysis, which will determine the needs of all stakeholders and the impacts of proposed solutions on communities and the environment.

Step 3. Implement the standards of the 2009 Delta Reform Act.

Determine how much new water is available from south of the Delta regional supplies, including reclamation, storm water capture and environmentally responsible desalination. Money spent here is more productive than tunnels and dams that supply no new water.

This plan has been developed over time by a large consortium of water stakeholders, of which the California Water Impact Network (C-WIN) is a key player. Until California understands how much real water there is to manage, it’s irresponsible to spend billions on tunnels and dams that produce no new water.

These are the documents we presented:

C-WIN Roadmap to California Water Sustainability 2019
AquAlliance The Danger of Water Transfers