Board director, C-WIN Water Policy & media contact

Tom Stokely


Tom Stokely, C-WIN water policy director and media contact, retired in 2008 as Principal Planner with the Natural Resources Division of Trinity County after 23 years, where he primarily worked on Trinity River and Central Valley Project salmon and steelhead restoration. He provides C-WIN with expert witness testimony in water rights hearings before the State Water Resources Control Board and regional water quality control boards. He specializes in CVP operations and San Joaquin Valley selenium and agricultural drainage issues. He has served as past chairman and vice-chairman of the California Advisory Committee on Salmon and Steelhead Trout. He contributes to C-WIN his extensive water law and legislative experience. His ongoing passion is to work on behalf of fishery restoration and expose the “ regulatory capture” of California by polluters and those who seek to privatize California’s precious water.