Current CAMPAIGN: the california delta watershed assessment

Not enough is known about California’s single largest source of fresh water.


C-WIN is partnering with ECONorthwest to perform research, analysis and review of the economic and environmental impacts of the Twin Tunnel proposal and present the findings to the State Water Resources Control Board. Respected and effective, ECONorthwest is well known for their successes in the Exxon Valdez and BP Gulf Oil Spill cases, and are in the best position to evaluate all the impacts of the Twin Tunnels. The analysis they perform will guide determination of export water flow viability and legality.

It will be the first comprehensive valuation and analysis of the California Delta watershed. The assessment will show the impact of proposed projects on the 25+ million stakeholders – communities, ratepayers, fisheries, agriculture, commerce and environment – that rely on this critical water source.

Preliminary findings corroborated by two independent studies by Stanford University and UC Davis conclude that the State Water Resources control board has allocated 5 times the amount of water that exists in our rivers and streams. The Twin Tunnels project will not produce new water. The tunnels divert water from the Sacramento River to the agricultural interests in the San Joaquin Valley. “Downstream” from the Delta, the impacts are devastating on every level. Not only will building the tunnels raise rates for all ratepayers in the state (with no benefit), but reduced water flows will bring salt water upstream from San Francisco Bay into the Delta – destroying the smaller farming operations and wildlife that rely on fresh Delta water.

The Public Trust Doctrine requires policymakers to assess all impacts of any project using our natural resources.

C-WIN is raising $1.5 million to fund completion of the assessment.

With the assessment completed by ECONorthwest, California’s policymakers and communities will have what they need to build the equitable and sustainable policies mandated by the Public Trust Doctrine.