Press Room: Monterey Plus Amendments, Kern Water Bank and Environmental Impact Report Lawsuits

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Updated OCTOBER 3, 2014: Court Strikes Down Environmental Review of Controversial Kern Water Bank- California Officials Failed to Consider Environmental Impacts of Bank Operation

Download Judge Frawley's October 3, 2014 opinion here.

See what Lois Henry of the Bakersfield Californian has to say about Judge Frawley's ruling "Ruling would be uncharted waters for water judge"

Updated March 6, 2014

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley ruled on the lawsuit by C-WIN, CSPA, Center for Biological Diversity and South and Central Delta Water Agencies against the Monterey Amendments.  Judge Frawley ruled that the environmental review for transfer of the Kern Water Bank was inadequate.

-San Jose Mercury News and LA Times articles

-Press Release by C-WIN, CSPA and Center for Biological Diversity

-Judge Frawley's ruling on the C-WIN et al case and his ruling on the Rio Bravo Water District case

Updated December 12, 2011

Here you'll find materials about C-WIN's activism educating the public about the Monterey Agreement covering State Water Project contract amendments. The amendments have put California ratepayers, the Delta, and rivers at a disadvantage especially during drought years, while agricultural water contractors have benefited. The Agreement and its subsequent amendments were done in secret.

  • January 26, 2011 Press Release on Scoping Letter to Delta Stewardship Council.
  • July 2 Press Release on second lawsuit filed to return Kern Water Bank to public ownership (with contact information)
  • June 3 Press Release from California Water Impact Network, California Sportfishing Protection Alliance, and the Center for Biological Diversity (with contact information)
  • Fact Sheet (with descriptions and links to key documents)