Big Questions Need Big Answers

Pump me a river: Banks Pumping Plant near Old River can pump up to 10,400 cubic feet of water per second.

Courtesy of California Department of Water Resources.

The California Water Impact Network consistently asks “big picture” questions that the State Water Resources Control Board has consistently failed to address with the Bay-Delta estuary:

Salt in the earth, San Joaquin Valley.

Courtesy of Water Education Foundation.
  • How much water does the Delta need?
  • What new conditions on export pumping will be implemented in light of increased exports this decade and resulting reverse flows to protect Delta ecosystems?
  • What should be done about salt and toxic trace element loading in the San Joaquin River and the Delta?
  • When will water storage levels be increased to protect river flows in the likely event of dry water years in the future?
  • When will necessary fish screens, called for in the CalFED Record of Decision in 2000 and in the Central Valley Project Improvement Act of 1992, be required on Delta export pumps operated by the US Bureau of Reclamation and the California Department of Water Resources?
  • How will the State Water Board create and manage a comprehensive water quality monitoring program that ensures the health of the Bay-Delta estuary?