Other Environmental and Water Laws

California's state capitol

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C-WIN exists to enforce existing water and environmental laws California already has on the books. If the laws we have were enforced properly, we believe many problems vexing the Delta and other places in California could be solved—and the sooner we get on it the better!

We recognize that there may be need for new laws concerning water development, water rights, and other areas of California's waterscape. But with the State Water Resources Control Board (the state's primary water regulator) woefully underfunded and understaffed, and its appointive members politically compromised and all-too-prone to avoiding tough decisions, C-WIN is not convinced adding new laws and adding a Delta Stewardship Council will enable California to govern its water resources better than it now does.

The Public Trust Doctrine

Over-appropriation of Central Valley Watershed Water Rights

State Water Board Authority

Protesting Water Rights

California Fish and Game Code Salmon and Steelhead Trout and Anadromous Fisheries Program Act of 1988

Endangered Species Acts