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Press Release

For Immediate Release, November 28, 2011

Contact:   Tom Stokely, C-WIN: 530-524-0315

                 Bill Dickens, Trinity River Guides Association: 530-623-1905

                 Fishing Guides, & Conservationists Ask for Moratorium on Trinity River

Channel Projects

Douglas CityCalif.– Today the Trinity River Guides Association and the California Water Impact Network asked the Trinity River Restoration Program to take a break to determine if river restoration projects completed to date have met their objectives or had unintended impacts.  The letter states that there is public concern about significant filling of pool habitat for adult salmon and steelhead from excessive gravel introduction into the river channel as well as numerous side channel failures. 

Bill Dickens of the Guides Association said, “There is no choice but to oppose this type of project until an evaluation of the existing projects is complete.  We are just asking the Restoration Program to do what is already required as part of the Trinity River Record of Decision.”  The Record of Decision was signed by former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and former Hoopa Valley Tribe Chairman Duane Sherman in Hoopa on December 19, 2000.

Tom Stokely with C-WIN said “The Interior Department and the Trinity River Restoration Program are not responsive to public concerns.  The Guides Association wrote a letter on March 14, 2011 that has still not received a response. It’s inexcusable.”  C-WIN is the successor organization to Friends of Trinity River that closed earlier this year after the passing of Friends founder Byron Leydecker.

Dickens said “As fishing guides, we fully support restoration of the river’s fisheries, but we’re not convinced that they are doing it the right way.  It’s time to take a break and look at what’s been done before tens of millions of additional taxpayer dollars are spent.”

Stokely added “C-WIN and the Guides Association have long been supporters of the goals of the Trinity River Restoration Program, but the Program has ignored the stakeholders for too long and we have no choice but to speak up before more money is wasted on failed projects.”

A copy of the letter can be found at:

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For more information on C-WIN and the Trinity River, see California Water Impact Network promotes the equitable and environmental use of California's water, including instream uses, through research, planning, public education, and litigation.

The Trinity River Guides Association represents licensed and permitted professional sport fishing guides on the Trinity and Lower Klamath River and is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the Trinity River and its habitat.