News Clips Jan 10-17


More Ag reaction to Laird -
Apex water bank (Kings County) controversy –
Gleick associate speaks on Jan. 19 –
There are other stories about this USGS Flood report also –
creating oxygen in Stockton Channel –
some good stuff in here (like mandatory groundwater management and Ag conservation) –
also some good stuff here –
update on PCFFA & ELF Scott River litigation –
a local effort on behalf of steelhead –
Editorial from foothills paper following up on yesterday’s story –
more water, water everywhere-
Scott river & groundwater –
see Item 12; accept the report and delay –
what to do for lunch on Jan. 20 –
example of mountain county concern over effects of BDCP, DSC, etc.
Sacto sewage saga –
Klamath dam removal –
other Klamath news –
a hot time at BuRec/San Luis water transfer scoping meeting –
Water, water, everywhere -
Taugher on Laird –
2009 NPR radio interview opposing raising Shasta -
Families “protecting” the valley aren’t crazy about Laird -
Klamath TMDLs –
the days of $10 per AF are still with us –
AMEN !! – (notwithstanding Mike Wade’s usual negative reaction)
more Klamath dam removal controversy –
and a couple of diverse pieces from the Manteca Bulletin –