Board and Staff

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 Salmon in Butte Creek  Circulating salt in the San Joaquin Valley

C-WIN's board of directors and staff include individuals with long histories of activism and a deep knowledge of the history and the policies that make up California's water landscape. They bring nearly 80 years of experience, dedication, and the vital knowledge necessary to achieve a sustainable water future.







Staff consultants:

Carolee Krieger, President, founded C-WIN in 2001. She helped lead the campaign to prevent delivery of State Water Project water to Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. On behalf of the Citizens Planning Association (CPA), Carolee also led the fight against the Monterey Amendments to the State Water Project contracts. She brings to C-WIN her passion for protecting public trust resources and stopping wasteful use of water in California.

Michael B. Jackson, Secretary, is a rural Northern California water lawyer and activist who has served as water counsel to the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance (CSPA), the Regional Council of Rural Counties (RCRC), and numerous other governmental and environmental entities. On behalf of fish and wildlife interests, he has taken part in numerous State Water Resource Control Board hearings involving most of California’s rivers and streams. He is knowledgeable about watershed management, groundwater, forests, public lands, and politics in both the Republican and Democratic parties at the local, state, and federal levels. Mike combines for C-WIN his leadership and political skills with his copious grasp of California water and environmental law to lead our efforts.

Jim Edmondson, Treasurer, who was an entrepreneur for many years, became Executive Director of California Trout 25 years ago, having recently retired from this environmental leadership role. He is best remembered for his work on the Mono Lake lawsuit that led to the restoration of water levels in this natural wonder. Jim brings to C-WIN his exceptional business skills, and his passion for protecting and restoring fisheries throughout California.

Malinda & Yvon Chouinard, directors, are founders and owners of Patagonia, a manufacturer of outdoor clothing. Patagonia is world famous for its outstanding record of environmental sensitivity in all of its production methods, and for donating 1 percent of sales to support many environmental causes. They provided seed money to start the California Water Impact Network. The Chouinards bring to C-WIN their business acumen and their commitment to ecological sustainability.

Huey Johnson, director, is an internationally distinguished environmentalist who served as California’s Secretary of Resources in Governor Jerry Brown’s cabinet. He is a practical visionary who believes that the ecological dilemmas before us are fundamentally solvable. He served as the Western Regional Director for the Nature Conservancy. In 1972, he founded the national, nonprofit Trust for Public Lands, which has protected more than 1.4 million acres in 45 states and has grown to be America’s fifth largest environmental organization. He brings many years of hands-on public and non-profit sector experience and is primed for action to solve California’s water problems.

Josh Green, director, is a successful businessman and real property manager active throughout the Southern California region. He is a son of Dorothy Green, C-WIN's founding secretary.

Tom Stokely, director, water policy coordinator and media contact, retired in 2008 as Principal Planner with the Natural Resources Division of Trinity County after 23 years, where he primiarily worked on Trinity River and Central Valley Project salmon and steelhead restoration. He provides C-WIN with expert witness testimony in water rights hearings before the State Water Resources Control Board and regional water quality control boards. He specializes in CVP operations and San Joaquin Valley selenium and agricultural drainage issues. He has served as past chairman and vice-chairman of the California Advisory Committee on Salmon and Steelhead Trout since 1990. He combines for C-WIN his estensive water law and legislative experience with his passion for fishery and restoration goals.

Nick Di Croce, director, was a member of the Public Advisory Committee for the 2005 State Water Plan. Over the span of his environmental activism he is also a former board member of California Trout and was heavily involved in CALFED issues. Nick recently authored the Environmental Water Caucus 2009 report, “California Water Solutions Now.”

Barbara Vlamis, director, is Executive Director of AquAlliance, a north state coalition dedicated to protecting Sacramento Valley regional water resources. She has protected north state communities and the environment from ground water sales, hazardous materials releases, and wetland destruction for nearly two decades. She led successful litigation resulting in designation of over 900,000 acres of vernal pool critical habitat in California and Southern Oregon, and which established the Recovery Plan for Vernal Pool Ecosystems. Her collaboration with Chico-area neighbors resulted in the best possible cleanup of California's largest burn dump, including long-term deed restrictions that will help protect future residents. In the last three years, her CEQA and NEPA comments and litigation have altered federal and state efforts to extract massive amounts of ground water from the Sacramento Valley for uses south of the Delta.

Bill Jennings, director, has chaired the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance since 1988 and served as Deltakeeper between 1995 and 2005. He was a founder and chairman of the Committee to Save the Mokelumne. Bill is a highly decorated and respected warrior on behalf of sportfishing, the Delta and California's Central Valley rivers and streams.His efforts in obtaining an historic cleanup of Penn Mine on the Banks of the Mokelumne River led to awards to both the California Sportfishing Protection Alliance and Committee to Save the Mokelumne by the California Water Policy IX Conference.

Tim Stroshane, senior research associate, joined the California Water Impact Network (C-WIN) in 2008. A Bay Area urban planner since 1988, he took up free-lancing on California water issues in 1998 before launching in 2000 his newsletter, SPILLWAY, to address California water and development issues ( Through SPILLWAY he associated with members of C-WIN to cover paper water issues, CalFED and Delta water politics, court decisions on water, and water markets. He has a bachelor's degree in environmental studies from UC Santa Cruz and a master's degree in city planning from UC Berkeley. He brings to C-WIN his extensive knowledge of California water history, law and politics, and his organizational skills, to help build the Network at a critical time.

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