About C-WIN

C-WIN's Mission

Tufa towers at Mono Lake.


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  Photo by Tim Stroshane.

The California Water Impact Network is a non-profit, tax exempt California Corporation that advocates for the just and environmentally sustainable use of California's water, including instream flows and groundwater reserves, through research, planning, public education, media outreach, and litigation.

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C-WIN's Goals

C-WIN's primary strategies for achieving its goals include:

1) Ensuring adequate fresh water flows through the Delta and in upstream rivers to protect and restore public trust resources such as open water ecosystems and salmon fisheries. 


Deformed ducklings, Kesterson National Wildlife Refuge, 1984.

Kesterson birds.jpg
Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service.

2) Stopping poor irrigation practices from poisoning land, wetlands, rivers, streams,and wildlife.

3) Ensuring that decisions about water allocation are transparent, just, and in accord with principles of environmental protection.



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Board and Staff

SalmonButteCreek.jpg Salt-boxcars.jpg
 Salmon in Butte Creek  Circulating salt in the San Joaquin Valley

C-WIN's board of directors and staff include individuals with long histories of activism and a deep knowledge of the history and the policies that make up California's water landscape. They bring nearly 80 years of experience, dedication, and the vital knowledge necessary to achieve a sustainable water future.

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Dorothy Green, Founding Secretary of C-WIN


Dorothy Green, in her element.


Photo courtesy of Heal the Bay.

Dorothy Green helped direct the fight to stop the Peripheral Canal in 1982. She is Founding President of Heal the Bay and President Emeritus of the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers Watershed Council. She served as a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commissioner for three and a half years, and chaired the most important water policy conference in the state, the POWER Conference. She joined the C-WIN Board in 2002, and drafted C-WIN's sustainability principles. She passed away October 13, 2008.

Carolee Krieger remembers Dorothy Green

Dorothy's heartfelt plea for a sensible water policy

Dorothy and Carla Bard's essay on Profiting from a Public Resource

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C-WIN Policies and Policy Briefs


Here you will find the adopted policies of the California Water Impact Network.

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Principles for a Sustainable Water Future

Download the Principles in portable document format (PDF). 

Left to right: Delta Mendota Canal, California Aqueduct, and Interstate 5.

I-5 and Canals SJValleyDWRb&w.jpg
Photo courtesy of California Department of Water Resources.

Please review C-WIN's Principles for a Sustainable Water Future. You may also send us comments, additions, or corrections

C-WIN's platform:

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In gratitude we thank our funders!

Tuolumne River, Yosemite National Park

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