1995 Monterey Agreement Environmental Reports and Litigation

After the Monterey Agreement was executed, the Central Coast Water Authority (in Santa Barbara County) processed draft and final environmental impact reports.

The Final EIR was litigated by the Planning and Conservation League, the Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara County, and Plumas County (PCL v. DWR), and the Third District Court of Appeals in Sacramento issued a final decision (which the California Supreme Court declined to hear in December 2000).

For a variety of reasons, the environmental reports were litigated because of issues with the contracts, issues with the reports' methodology, and issues of proper public noticing.

The reports were found inadequate by the Third Appellate Court of the State of California. And the California Supreme Court chose not to review the case, stating that "the Court of Appeal crafted a decision of exceelence applying the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) requirements to the realities of the State Water Project and contemporary California water administration."

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